6 Tips on Buying Baby Products

1. Don’t waste money on brand names

Parents are probably one of the most vulnerable shoppers. They have all kinds of excuses to buy the best for their babies (they’re only young once!). The best usually means brand-name products. Most of the time though, it’s all just marketing hype. Branded items are not necessarily better than generic ones. Your little one will not necessarily get rashes if he puts a store brand diaper. You can save as much as 10-50% of the regular price if you go generic. Considering that the average grocery cart of parents consists mostly of baby products, buying unbranded items will definitely put more cash in your bank.

2. Quality Over Quantity

That said, don’t choose generic without considering the quality of the baby products you are buying. At the same time, more does not always mean better. Develop a preference for buying fewer things of higher quality rather than cheap low-quality goods. For example, try cloth diapers instead of disposable ones. Its not only cheaper, its also more environment-friendly. A stroller is another item where you have to prioritize quality. Its something that your child will use for a few years and can be handed down to the next child. Shop wisely so that you can save more. Don’t overlook refurbished items. These are products that have been returned to the store for no reason, so they’re still in good condition. Be sure to get only refurbished items that are factory certified.

3. Learn to Coupon

Ever since Coke introduced the first coupon, more and more stores and manufacturers offer them on a regular basis. With good reason – everyone loves a good bargain. You can find them everywhere, in newspaper inserts, grocery store catalogs and even in websites. But you have to patient though. They usually come in seasons, so when you coupons for things that you need, stock up on them. Some people devote a lot of time to couponing, but you don’t have to forego a life just to save money. Even with just a few hours a week, you can make substantial savings if you have a strategy. Don’t forget to look at websites that give out coupons for various baby products. Not a lot of people are aware of their existence and depending on your store’s policies, you can use them together with other coupons for additional discounts.

4. Shop at wholesale stores and off-rice department stores

Buying at places that sell wholesale can net you a savings between 20-40% from regular retail stores. Factor in their store sales, and you can save a lot when buying baby products. Buying in bulk also means fewer trips which can save on gas. But choose what you buy and always read expiration dates. And always comparison shop to make sure that your savings are worth the cost of membership.You should also check for deals at off-price department stores where brand name merchandise are usually available for 20-60% below the regular retail price. Just check them for damage before parting with your money.

Aside from these places, visit traditional places for discounts such as garage sales and classified ads. They can be a treasure trove for baby products. Buying second hand not only saves on taxes but you also save a lot compared to retail price. You just need to be patient especially if you are looking for a certain product.

5. Know when to shop

You can save serious dollars if you know the right time to shop. As a general rule, shop for baby products around November. Stores usually change stocks by December in time for the Christmas season. After all, Christmas is the time for children and they usually receive a large majority of the gifts. Stores want to get rid of their current stocks to give way for Christmas products. Stock up on items that do not expire such as clothes. Buy the next size so that your child can grow into them.

6. Shop online

Don’t forget to check out the online stores. Nowadays, there are many sites that sell baby products like Amazon. It’s open 24/7 and you can shop in the privacy of your home without salespeople hovering over you. You can take your time in choosing what you want to buy. You can even fill your cart and it will never overflow like the real ones. Once you’re done, you can just proceed to checkout. No waiting in line for the next available cashier. It’s easier than shopping in brick-and-mortar retail stores.

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